International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy / 2022, Volume 3


Carmen Elena CÎRNU

We are proud to welcome you to the second edition of one of ICI’s flagship products, the International Journal for Cyber Diplomacy. The pandemic has brought cyber issues again to the fore of public consciousness, as the contraction of physically-mediated society brought with it an explosion in e-commerce, teleworking, online education and more. This vast transformation has brought with it an accelerated change in the security landscape and this has resulted in, among other issues, the need for states and other stakeholder entities to better coordinate in addressing collective action, the formulation of standards and best practices and the adoption of rules, norms and laws that govern behavior in cyberspace and which minimize the threat in a fragile environment. It is still a subject of debate how this will be achieved. The main ‘fashion’ of our times is the multilateral approach, as inclusive as possible and based on trust enhancement measures that should lower barriers to cooperation, should increase availability to contribute and sacrifice for collective security and decrease the rewards and the inclination to hostile behavior.

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