International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy / 2021, Volume 2


Carmen Elena CÎRNU

Editor in Chief

We are proud to welcome you to the second edition of one of ICI’s flagship products, the International Journal for Cyber Diplomacy. In this issue, we again have a strong international presence and a series of fascinating articles exploring different facets of the intersection between cyber and international issues. One such article I would like to draw your attention to is a report concerning a didactic tabletop exercise organized by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre with ICI Bucharest using the former’s proprietary platform, Poseidon. This exercise, drawing together over 50 participants from 11 EU Member States, took place earlier in 2021 under the auspices of a pilot European course on critical infrastructure protection organized by the JRC with ICI Bucharest and the Digital Security Authority of Cyprus, under the aegis of the European Security and Defence College. The article underlines both the fascinating experience of the tabletop exercise, only partly diminished by having the debates take place entirely online, but also the role of international advanced education courses in fostering a European security culture that can then inform policy in areas that also include cybersecurity as a cross-cutting issue. The possibility of delivering quality submissions such as this one is what motivated the creation of the IJCD, and sustains our ambition of turning it into a tool to explore the various intricacies of the cyber diplomacy field (extending into cyber geopolitics), as well as a rallying point for a community of expertise that can then make its contribution to formulating solutions to these big problems affecting the international community.

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