International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy / 2022, Volume 3

Critical Infrastructure Diplomacy – Tracing the Contours of a New Practice

Adrian Victor VEVERA


The security environment, as evidenced by the hybrid warfare methods applied during the Ukrainian conflict starting in 2014, and by the global pandemic and its after-effects, is complex, dynamic and challenging. This article describes the challenges we are facing in terms of critical infrastructure protection, articulates some of the systemic trends, and proposes a new perspective on managing international cooperation to address critical infrastructure issues. Critical Infrastructure Protection Diplomacy is an emerging field that mixes diplomacy with technical expertise related to systemic issues in order to effect systemic governance.

Critical infrastructure, Risk, Resilience, Systemic governance, Diplomacy

Full text:

Adrian Victor VEVERA, "Critical Infrastructure Diplomacy – Tracing the Contours of a New Practice", International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy, ISSN 2668-8662, vol. 3, pp. 41-49, 2022.